TAPE 505

Quality: EX

Length: 2 hrs (DVD)

NWA 1987 MIX TAPE VOL 1 (FANTASTIC TAPE! This is a tape of matches, mostly from NWA Worldwide and NWA Pro, from the summer of '87. Several Bash '87 tour matches, a couple UWF items, and a couple from WTBS. Absolutely great stuff, in incredible VQ - EX throughout! You want this tape!)
Barry Windham vs Big Bubba Rogers, Bash 87 Midnight Express vs Michael Hayes & Buddy Roberts, Bash 87 Dick Murdoch & Eddie Gilbert vs Steve Williams & Terry Gordy (Bunkhouse match), Bash 87 Rock & Roll Express vs Mod Squad, Bash 87 Recap of matches that "injured" Nikita Koloff's neck Ric Flair vs Jimmy Garvin (Cage - last couple min - Flair wins Precious for a day) Interview w/Ric Flair re: his date with Precious (This is SOOOOOO hysterical! Flair has JJ Dillon wheel out a mannequin that he then pretends is Precious, kissing it, talking sweet, everything. Absolutely priceless!) Ricky Morton vs Tully Blanchard, WTBS (TV time runs out - GREAT stuff) Ric Flair vs Rocky King (Ronnie Garvin comes out, leading to...) RIC FLAIR VS RONNIE GARVIN ("impromptu" match - great match in front of a molten crowd. Garvin busts open Flair's chest with a chop! Flair leaves the ring, leaving Garvin to defend himself against - eventually - all Four Horsemen.) Midnight Express vs Ronnie & Jimmy Garvin (Flair does commentary, then runs in and gets pinned by Ronnie) Profile on Eddie Gilbert & Hot Stuff International, UWF (Includes Sting's face turn) Ad for the "Von Erichs: Front Row, Ringside" video Dusty Rhodes vs ??? Tully Blanchard & Arn Anderson attacking the Rock & Roll Express Dusty Rhodes & Steve Williams vs Eddie Gilbert & Dick Murdoch, UWF (Bullrope - TV time runs out) Lex Luger vs Nikita Koloff brawl Road Warriors vs ??? & ???, WTBS (Roadies hit the Doomsday Device FROM HELL) Dusty Rhodes vs Tully Blanchard (TV title vs $100K - Fun angle where Dusty appears to win the TV title, but the ref sees Blanchard's foot on the ropes and restarts the match. While that's going on, JJ Dillon steals the $100K from Magnum TA at ringside, causing Dusty to give chase. Dusty then gets counted out, so JJ & Tully get the money anyway!)