TAPE 507

Quality: EX

Length: 2 hrs (DVD)

NWA 1987 MIX TAPE VOL 2 (Another FANTASTIC tape, similar to vol 1 above. Matches are from NWA Pro, Worldwide, Superbouts, WTBS, and the UWF. Quality is EX throughout. This is simply a must-have!)
Post-Match angle w/Dusty Rhodes & Tully Blanchard (This takes place right after the title vs $100K match shown on vol 1 above. They interview Dusty & Magnum TA, then do a separate interview with Tommy Young asking him to explain his decision in the match. Jim Crockett then announces "an inquiry into Mr. Young's officiating" as part of a heel-ref angle that was teased, but never done.) Ricky Morton vs Tully Blanchard (JIP) Jimmy Valiant & Lazor Tron vs New Breed (This one has some light snow in the picture, nothing major at all) Dusty Rhodes & Nikita Koloff vs Thunderfoot I & II Four Horsemen attacking Nikita Koloff RIC FLAIR & LEX LUGER VS RONNIE & JIMMY GARVIN, WTBS (FANTASTIC match from the TBS studios. This is a total slugfest with Flair & Ronnie just BLASTING each other with chops, over and over and over. Flair's chest gets busted open and he stiffs the crap out of Ronnie as well. JJ Dillon then tries to kidnap Precious) Ivan Koloff vs Nikita Koloff (Russian Chain) Midnight Express vs Rock & Roll Express (Midnights steal the World tag title belts) Steve Williams vs Dick Murdoch, Bash '87 (Texas Death) Sting & Rick Steiner vs Michael Hayes & Terry Gordy Terry Gordy vs Black Bart, UWF (Taped Fist - Bart hits a major gusher) Dusty Rhodes, Sting, & Chris Adams vs Eddie Gilbert, Rick Steiner, & Angel of Death, UWF (Street Fight - clip - no finish) Little Tokyo & Lord Littebrook vs Cowboy Lang & Little Mr. T, AWA WrestleRock 86 (Don't ask me why this is on here...) Kendall Windham vs Barbarian Jimmy Valiant & Lazor Tron vs Sean Royal & Thunderfoot II