TAPE 509

Quality: EX (Master Convert)

Length: 2 hr (DVD)

MISC WWF & GEORGIA MATCHES FROM 1984 (Random collection of matches that I taped myself back in early 1984. No rhyme or reason just stuff I happened to grab. Where possible, I will give both the air date of the match and the date it was actually taped. These are VHS master converts so VQ is EX)
Iron Sheik vs Sgt. Slaughter, WWF TV, 2/25/84 (taped 2/14/84 - no actual match - Sheik attacks Slaughter before the bell and the feud is ignited!) Mr. R (Brad Armstrong) vs Ted Dibiase, Georgia, 2/18/84 (Slightly JIP, maybe a couple seconds missing. This is the culmination of a terrific angle with Dibiase & Mr. R, who Dibiase thought to be Tommy Rich. Dibiase finally gets his shot at R on TV and has things going his way and unmasks R as Brad Armstrong, then he sees Rich at ringside. He's stunned and Armstrong wins National title.) Tito Santana vs Rene Goulet, WWF TV, 3/3/84 (JIP - taped 2/14/84) Greg Valentine vs Jose Luis Rivera, WWF TV, 3/10/84 (taped 2/14/84 - Rivera comes in riding an "undefeated streak" but he gets destroyed for his trouble, eventually getting stretchered from Valentine's figure-four.) Ric Flair vs Brad Armstrong, Omni, 2/26/84 (highlights - no finish - picture is snowy) Tiger Jackson & Haiti Kid vs Pancho Boy & Dana Carpenter, WWF TV, 3/10/84 (taped 2/14/84) Piper's Pit: Tito Santana, WWF TV, 3/10/84 (taped 2/14/84) David Schultz vs Steve Lombardi, WWF TV, 3/10/84 (taped 2/14/84 - after the match, Schultz issues a challenge to Hulk Hogan) Tony Atlas,Rocky Johnson,S.D. Jones vs Ron Butler, Charlie Fulton & Goldie Rogers, WWF TV, 3/10/84 (taped 2/14/84) Frank Williams & Bill Dixon vs Tony Garea & B. Brian Blair, WWF TV, 3/10/84 (taped 2/14/84) Tito Santana vs Don Muraco, Boston, 2/11/84 (Santana wins I-C belt - highlights - no finish) Tony Atlas & Rocky Johnson vs Mr. Fuji & Tiger Chung Lee, WWF TV, 3/84 Bobby Colt vs Mil Mascaras, St. Louis, 3/84 Piper's Pit: Masked Superstar, WWF TV, 3/84 Iron Sheik vs Eddie Gilbert, WWF TV, 3/3/84 (Taped 2/14/84 - Slaughter does run-in, declares war on Sheik, then leads crowd in Pledge of Allegiance - historic!) Bob Backlund - high school days (film footage from the 1960s) Bobby Fulton & Brian Madden vs The Moondogs, St. Louis, 3/84 (Neat to see Fulton as a jobber just before joining the Fantastics) Jimmy Snuka vs Butcher Vachon, WWF TV, 3/84 Princess Victoria & Velvet McIntyre vs Peggy Lee & Leilani Kai, 9/84 (Kai & Lee win WWF Women's Tag title - match has good video, but sound is all static - this match isn't on any results or title history lists. Super-rare!) Rene Goulet vs Sgt. Slaughter, WWF TV, 3/84 Hulk Hogan vs Paul Orndorff, MSG, 2/20/84 (Hogan's first MSG title defense)