TAPE 512

Quality: EX (Master Convert)

Length: 2.75 hrs (DVD)

MAGNUM TA SHOOT INTERVIEW (Oh wow! I'm not much into shoot interviews, but when I saw this one was coming out, I *HAD* to get it. TA was on his way to being the biggest star in the NWA when his career was cut short and he tells all in this shoot. Good stuff like where he got his Magnum nickname, the car crash, etc. Some seemingly-obvious questions are not asked, but overall this is a good one. I've got a master, so VQ is perfect. There are several matches on the tape, listed below. VQ on all is EX unless noted.)
Magnum TA & Ronnie Garvin vs Buzz Sawyer & Rick Steiner, NWA, 4/19/86 (JIP) Terry Allen vs Nick Bockwinkel, SCW, 1981/82 Terry Allen & Scott Casey vs Gino Hernandez & Tully Blanchard, SCW, 1981/82 Magnum TA vs Wahoo McDaniel, NWA, 1985 (Cage - TA wins US title) Magnum TA vs Ric Flair, NWA, 1985 (WTBS $1,000 Challenge Match - VQ is GD) Magnum TA vs Tully Blanchard, NWA, 11/85 ("I Quit" Cage - JIP - TA wins US title) Magnum TA vs Nikita Koloff, NWA, 8/86 (#7 of Best of 7 - JIP - Nikita wins US title; VQ is VG) Magnum TA's return at the 1987 Crockett Cup, NWA, 4/11/87