TAPE 513

Quality: EX (Master Convert)

Length: 1 hr (DVD)

PANCRASE - 12/17/94 (Second-half of the tourney to crown the first King of Pancrase. I've got a master convert so VQ is perfect throughout.)
Gregory Smit vs Katsuomi Inagaki, 12/17/94 (Clipped) Scott Bessac vs Larry Papadopoulous, 12/17/94 (Clipped) Minoru Suzuki vs Manabu Yamada, 12/17/94 (Good match as the Yamada upset run continues) Ken Shamrock vs Masa Funaki, 12/17/94 (Shamrock continues his early dominance in Pancrase with an excellent win over Funaki. I've bashed Shamrock before for having done worked fights in Pancrase - legitimate criticism, I would say. But he also was a pretty decent fighter in the limited confines of early Pancrase, and he shows that in this fight.) Ken Shamrock vs Manabu Yamada, 12/17/94 (Unfortunately, after his excellent run through the tournament, Yamada has nothing left or, at least, shows nothing in this fight. This is a long, dull fight that mostly features Shamrock getting takedowns and then neither guy doing a thing. Lots of restarts that do nothing to improve the action. After an excellent tournament, it sucks to have a clunker of a finals like this. Shamrock wins King of Pancrase title.)