TAPE 515

Quality: EX (Master Convert)

Length: 1 hr (DVD)

MID-SOUTH HOUSE SHOW VOLUME 49 - 6/1/85 (AWESOME! Mid-South is now releasing their house shows as commercial tapes! What we have on this one is two full matches from the 6/1/85 Superdome show. These are pro-shot, without commentary. I've got a master convert so quality is perfect.)
Rock & Roll Express vs Ted Dibiase & Steve Williams (Good match, but I have a problem with this: Bill Dundee is the referee for this and there's a ref bump. Only problem is that Dundee sells it like a regular ref would. Problem is, Dundee was still an active top-of-the-card guy at this point. He shouldn't be selling like a ref!) Ric Flair vs Terry Taylor (Good match for the NWA World title that goes 40 minutes)