TAPE 529

Quality: EX (Master Convert)

Length: 2 hrs (DVD)

HALLOWEEN HAVOC '89 - 10/28/89 (After much looking, I've finally gotten ahold of a master convert of the commercial tape version of this excellent show. Several great matches on this one, definitely worth getting if you're a 1980's NWA fan. I've got a master convert, quality is EX.)
Mike Rotundo vs Tom Zenk (clipped) Midnight Express & Steve Williams vs Samoan Swat Team & Samoan Savage (JIP) Cuban Assassin vs Tommy Rich (Clipped - Yeah, this is a PPV quality match...) Dynamic Dudes vs Michael Hayes & Jimmy Garvin (JIP - It's fun to see how hated the Dudes were despite being babyfaces. The crowd boos them constantly and eats up everything Hayes & Garvin do.) Rick & Scott Steiner vs Doom (This is the debut match for Doom, and it's an excellent one, ***1/2, maybe more. Good ol' JR makes a huge gaffe by giving away Butch Reed's identity during the match after saying over and over that he had no idea who the members of Doom were. Ooops!) LEX LUGER VS BRIAN PILLMAN (Great match! Ya know, in the late 1980s Luger was well on his way to being a very good wrestler. Dunno what happened to change all that...) Road Warriors vs Skyscrapers RIC FLAIR & STING VS TERRY FUNK & GREAT MUTA (Thunderdome cage match - Great match, but they blow the gimmick halfway through. Supposedly the cage is "electrified" at the top, but then the guys sit there and climb the cage anyway. Stupid. JR gets in a diss on the Ultimate Warrior by saying that "Sting's former partner in the Blade Runners hasn't progressed as much as Sting has". UW, of course, would headline WrestleMania 6 months later and win the WWF World title while Sting would be laid up with a knee injury...)