TAPE 530

Quality: EX (Master Convert)

Length: 90 min (DVD)

CLASH OF CHAMPIONS 4 - 12/7/88 (This is the commercial tape version of this event. This is totally a feast-or-famine show with two, maybe three, excellent matches, and two total throwaways. I've got a master convert so quality is perfect.)
FANTASTICS VS RON SIMMONS & EDDIE GILBERT (US Tag Title tourney finals - Tremendous face vs face match that goes almost 30 minutes. Great stuff showing, once again, that the Fantastics may have been the best team in the world in 1988. Fantastics win US tag titles.) Steve Williams vs Italian Stallion (Stallion gets a high-profile match and does well, but the semi-push goes nowhere...) Ivan Koloff vs Paul Jones (Koloff has one arm tied behind his back - terrible match) Dusty Rhodes vs Road Warrior Animal (Horrible match that lasts a minute, if that, and sees Animal win the held-up NWA World 6-man titles) RIC FLAIR & BARRY WINDHAM VS MIDNIGHT EXPRESS (It's a crying shame we didn't get more Horsemen vs Midnight Express matches - this stuff ROCKS.)