TAPE 534

Quality: EX (*MASTER*))

Length: 1.5 hrs (DVD)

MID-SOUTH TV VOL 100 - 11/16/85 (YES! I finally have it! This is perhaps the most famous angle ever run in Mid-South, the Dibiase/Flair/Murdoch angle, and I've finally gotten it! This is a must-have tape for any fan of old-school wrestling. I've got a DVD master so quality is EX!)
Butch Reed vs Ric Flair (ending only from a match from the previous week - Dick Slater runs in and piledrives Reed after Reed pins Flair.) RIC FLAIR VS TED DIBIASE (Reed can't wrestle, so Dibiase is chosen as the replacement. Dick Murdoch disagrees with the choice and confronts Dibiase, a heel, telling him to step aside and give Murdoch the shot. Dibiase refuses, so Murdoch DRILLS Ted with a punch, turning Ted face! He then rams Dibiase's head into the ringpost, and Ted juices a gusher. No actual match, just the angle.) Jim Duggan vs El Corsario RIC FLAIR VS TED DIBIASE (After warning viewers about the graphic nature of Dibiase's injury, we get the actual match. Excellent match that sees Dibiase continue to bleed all over the place. He's finally too beat up to continue and gets counted out. Murdoch then comes back out and hits a brainbuster on the floor, "injuring" Dibase just in time for a tour of Japan) Bruise Brothers vs Ricky Starr & Shawn O'Reilly Eddie Gilbert & The Nightmare vs Steve Constance & Perry Jackson
MID-SOUTH TV VOL 100 - 11/23/85 (More of the same as above)
Eddie Gilbert & The Nightmare vs Al Perez & Wendell Cooley, 11/11/85 (Finish only - Gilbert & The Nightmare win Mid-South tag titles) Announcement of Dick Murdoch's 45-day suspension (Also just in time for a Japan tour) Dick Slater & Buzz Sawyer vs Mark Hawk & Bob Wayne Jake Roberts vs Ricky Starr Butch Reed & Jim Duggan vs Steve Williams & Rick Steiner Ricky Gibson vs Joe Malcolm Bruise Brothers vs Larry Clarke & Paul Brown Video of slow-motion bumps/injuries (Brutal stuff showing how "real" Mid-South is)