TAPE 538

Quality: Varies

Length: 3.5 hrs (2 DVD)

SHOOTER'S MOST BRUTAL SHOOTFIGHTS (This is a compilation put together by my friend "theshooter" of the most brutal non-UFC and non-Pride shootfights around. Some really great stuff here. The two Bennett/Palmer fights in particular are must-see. Quality varies, but is almost always EX - unless noted.)
SIMON SWEET VS NEIL BODYCOTE (Great fight, even for a short one) John Hess vs Vitor Belfort, 10/11/96 (Handheld - GD/VG VQ. Picture is jumpy before the actual fight. Belfort KO's Hess in like 20 seconds and just rains punches on him. Very impressive.) Danny Bennett vs Jay R Palmer, 1/17/97 (Palmer looks awesome, then gasses out and seems to almost dare Bennett to hit by dropping his hands to his waist. Bennett obliges and DRILLS Palmer with a high kick. Awesome!) Danny Bennett vs Jay R Palmer, 4/9/97 (The rematch and almost the same ending! This time Bennett hits Palmer with a punch then blasts him with a kick. Great stuff!) Dan Henderson vs Eric Smith, 7/15/97 Kevin Randleman vs Tom Erikson, 6/15/97 Amuary Bitetti vs Mestre Hulke, 1/1/95 (VG) Brad Kohler vs Renato Babalu, 1/15/00 (2 copies of this fight for some reason - VG/EX) Renzo Gracie vs Eugenio Tadeu, 9/27/97 (Wild atmosphere that gets even wilder after one of Tadeu's cornermen kicks Gracie's hand. The crowd goes nuts and RIOTS! GD/VG) Naoyuki Taira vs Jam Lomulder, 9/3/95 Duicina Jamaica vs Marcel Romano, 9/1/96 (Romano gets KO'ed via a back bodydrop and then check out how they stretcher this guy out...) Dos Caras Jr vs Kengo, 8/18/01 (Kengo busts his arm getting taken down) Rickson Gracie vs Hugo Duarte (this is the infamous impromptu beach fight where Rickson beats up Duarte. Barely watchable VQ though, GD at best.) Gary Goodridge vs The Pedro Otavio, 7/6/97 (Watch the end of the fight as Goodridge STICKS HIS FOOT INTO PEDRO'S TRUNKS AND SQUEEZES HIS BALLS. Unbelievable.) Vanderlei Silva vs Mike VanArsdale, 8/23/98 Vanderlei Silva vs Adrain Serrano, 1/20/99 Vanderlei Silva vs Eugene Jackson, 4/27/99 Gilbert Yvel vs Sergei Tunic, 11/1/97 (Remember when Yvel looked like a world-beater?) Bob Schrijber vs Ruslan Kerselyan, 11/1/97 Kid Yamamoto vs Tetsuo Katsuta, 9/16/02 (Infamous fight where Yamamoto punches after the bell and mocks his opponent) 6-Man Tag MMA Fight from ZST Igor Vovchanchyn vs Nick Nutter, 2/3/98 (Igor scores the immediate KO in like 5 seconds off a knee.)