TAPE 539

Quality: EX (Master Convert)

Length: 1 hr (DVD)

MAYHEM IN MEMPHIS - LAWLER V IDOL (Commercial tape; This is a tape put out that documents the history of the Jerry Lawler/Austin Idol feud. Clips of lots of matches are included, with the infamous hair v hair match being shown in its entirety. GREAT TAPE! I've got a master convert of this very rare tape, so VQ is EX!)
JERRY LAWLER VS AUSTIN IDOL, 4/27/87 (Cage - Hair v Hair match; This match features what may be the greatest angle of all-time: Tommy Rich comes up from underneath the ring to aid Austin Idol, leading to Jerry Lawler getting his head shaved - in Memphis, no less! Match itself is ****+, but the angle is *****+. This is truly a must-have!)