TAPE 540

Quality: EX (Master Convert)

Length: 4 hrs (2 DVD)

NOAH - 3/1/03 (This is actually a two-tape set of the biggest show in NOAH history. The highlight, of course, is the incredible Misawa/Kobashi match for the GHC title. But that's not the only good match on the card, there's plenty of good action to be found here. I've got the TV version of the show, broadcast in 2-hour chunks on different days. All matches, with one exception, are complete. I've got a master convert of the show, so VQ is EX!)
Rusher Kimura & Mitsuo Momota vs Haruka Eigen & Kishin Kawabata Akira Taue, Mike Modest & Donovan Morgan vs Takuma Sano, Tsuyoshi Kikuchi & Kotaro Suzuki Naomichi Marafuji & KENTA vs Yoshinobu Kanemaru & Makoto Hashi (Excellent match! ***1/2!) Takeshi Morishima, Takeshi Rikio, & Daisuke Ikeda vs Bison Smith, Superstar Steve & IZU Too Cold Scorpio vs Yoshinari Ogawa (Gotta love seeing former GHC champ Ogawa getting squashed in 6 minutes!) Yoshihiro Takayama vs Masao Inoue Jun Akiyama & Akitoshi Saito vs Tamon Honda & Takashi Sugiura KENTA KOBASHI VS MITSUHARU MISAWA, 6/11/99 (Yes, that's right - the *FULL* 43-minute classic from 1999 was rebroadcast on this show! This is simply an incredible match that's one of the best I've ever seen. Amazing, amazing stuff. *****!) KENTA KOBASHI VS MITSUHARU MISAWA, 4/11/00 (Finish only - from the Champion's Carnival Kobashi's only previous win over Misawa available on tape.) KENTA KOBASHI VS MITSUHARU MISAWA (Oh yeah, this is the big one! What an awesome match! They roll out all the big spots, including an unbelievable backdrop driver early in the match. Misawa takes a SICK bump on the guardrail - with a very audible smack - that busts open his mouth but somehow not breaking his jaw. But the topper is one of the craziest bumps of all time - Misawa hits a Tiger Suplex on Kobashi from the ramp to the floor! Just an insane spot that is a total must-see. Kobashi wins the GHC title in this ****1/2, maybe even ****3/4 classic.)