TAPE 548

Quality: VG/EX

Length: 2.5 hrs (DVD)

MSG - 10/20/80 (SUPER hard-to-find show that is one I've been looking for for as long as I've been a wrestling fan. This is a really solid show, with the Backlund title defense being the big highlight. Best part of all is that VQ on this is VG/EX! Incredible! Probably the best VQ I've seen on a pre-1983 MSG show!)
Terry Taylor vs Jose Estrada (This match only has some brief tracking problems. Taylor makes his MSG debut in this good match.) Johnny Rodz vs Rene Goulet Rick McGraw vs The Hangman Ken Patera vs Pedro Morales Larry Sharpe vs Dominic Denucci Bob Backlund vs Sgt. Slaughter (When I was a kid, I read one of Matt Brock's articles in PWI where he talked about the night that Arnold Skaaland lost his mind and hit Sgt. Slaughter with a chair. They ran a picture of Arnold with the chair high over his head, ready to crack the Sarge. I remember being stunned by the article - Skaaland and Backlund were GOOD guys, remember - and added it to my list of "stuff I'd love to see someday". Unfortunately, I was never able to find out the date of the show or find anybody who had it. Until now! Great stuff! Skaaland saves Backlund's title by whacking Slaughter over the head with a chair while Backlund is in the Cobra Clutch. Historic moment!) Rick Martel vs Baron Scicluna Tony Garea vs Larry Zbyszko Samoans vs Dusty Rhodes & Pat Patterson (2/3 Falls - Not sure what the booking thinking was here - they've got Rhodes and Patterson going over in the 1st fall, then a curfew time limit in the 2nd. Makes the Samoans look really weak against a team that's never teamed together and includes a non-WWF guy.)