TAPE 549

Quality: EX (Master Convert)

Length: 2 hrs (DVD)

RINGS FREE FIGHT GALA '97 - 2/2/97 (A few years ago, after first seeing it, I called this show the best RINGS show I'd ever seen and maybe the best MMA show ever. I was a moron. This is fun, but not great. I've got a VHS master convert, so VQ is EX.)
Gilbert Yvel vs Rob Van Leeuwen Yuri Bekichev vs Peter Dijkman Sergei Sousserov vs Willie Peeters Tour of Hans Nyman's house (some nice stuff with his kids, too) Hans Nyman vs Lee Hasdell (Hasdell gets screwed here - he grabs the ropes for an escape, but the ref doesn't see it, so he repeatedly grabs the ropes, only he misses a couple times and ends up tapping out to get the hold broken. So they stop the fight as a loss for Hasdell instead of giving him the escape. Total BS.) Masayuki Naruse vs Valentin Overeem Mitsuya Nagai vs Joop Kasteel Kiyoshi Tamura vs Andre Mannaart Bob Schreiber vs Toon Stelling (Schreiber shoves his thumb into Stelling's eye!) Dennis Krauweel vs Rob Van Esdonk (Kickboxing) Dick Vrij vs Pedro Palm (Vrij KOs Palm then, after the ref steps in, kicks Palm in the side of the head while he's on the mat for no apparent reason, getting himself DQ'ed after the match, turning this into a no-contest. A total WTF? moment.)