TAPE 563

Quality: EX (*MASTER*)

Length: 6 hrs (3 DVD)

HISTORY OF NEW JAPAN VS UWF SERIES 1 (OH YEAH, bring on the good stuff! 3-disc set covering the history of the fabulous NJ vs UWF feud from 1986-88. Tons of great action on this disc, all in front of red-hot crowds. Truly a must-have! I have DVD masters so quality is EX)
Akira Maeda & the UWF guys challenge Antonio Inoki, 12/6/85 Nobuhiko Takada & Osamu Kido vs Antonio Inoki & Keichi Yamada, 2/5/86 (So awesome to see Yamada here, well before his Jushin Liger days. The crowd is on fire for this outstanding tag match.) NOBUHIKO TAKADA, AKIRA MAEDA, KAZUO YAMAZAKI, YOSHIAKI FUJIWARA & OSAMU KIDA VS ANTONIO INOKI, TATSUMI FUJINAMI, KENGO KIMURA, UMANOSUKE UEDA, & KANTARO HOSHINO, 3/26/86 (Elimination tag - This match has it all, except good booking. There's an incredible array of talent, unbelievable heat, super action, everything. Except that the match doesn't go long enough - it's like 35 minutes instead of 75 - and you are eliminated if you hit the floor in any way. WTF? So most of the eliminations are guys hitting the floor. Ugh. Still, a great, historic match.) NOBUHIKO TAKADA VS KEICHI YAMADA, 5/1/86 (FABULOUS match. Yamada at this point in his career is essentially a Dynamite Kid clone, but what a clone! It's clear he's an elite talent at this early stage and Takada is on his way to being the best in the world. Great, great match that's the first in an elimination series of singles matches pitting NJ vs UWF. When a guy loses, he's replaced by another member of his team and a new match is wrestled.) Nobuhiko Takada vs Seiji Sakaguchi, 5/1/86 (Takada submits!) Kazuo Yamazaki vs Seiji Sakaguchi, 5/1/86 Osamu Kido vs Seiji Sakaguchi, 5/1/86 Osamu Kido vs Shiro Koshinaka, 5/1/86 Osamu Kido vs Kengo Kimura, 5/1/86 Yoshiaki Fujiwara vs Kengo Kimura, 5/1/86 Yoshiaki Fujiwara vs Tatsumi Fujinami, 5/1/86 (Excellent match - ***1/2) Akira Maeda vs Tatsumi Fujinami, 5/1/86 (Excellent match that sets up their historic bout a month later.) Yoshiaki Fujiwara vs Antonio Inoki, 2/6/86 (After the match, Akira Maeda attacks Inoki and the fans go NUTS throwing their seat cushions into the ring) Akira Maeda vs Umanosuke Ueda, 6/6/86 AKIRA MAEDA VS TATSUMI FUJINAMI, 6/12/86 (I've gone back and forth on this match and have now decided this is a really great match instead of just good. Famous match that ends when Fujinami is legit busted up by a rolling kick in the corner, forcing the match to be cut short. Too bad!) Yoshiaki Fujiwara vs Antonio Inoki Nobuhiko Takada & Osamu Kido vs Shinya Hashimoto & Shiro Koshinaka, 11/3/86 (Fun to see Hashimoto when he was just chunky and not fat.) Yoshiaki Fujiwara vs Riki Choshu, 6/29/87 Yoji Anjoh & Tatsuo Nakano vs Masa Funaki & Akira Nogami, 7/18/87 (Excellent match! ***1/2 or so) Akira Maeda vs Super Strong Machine, 8/20/87 NOBUHIKO TAKADA VS THE COBRA, 6/17/86 (Really, really great match marred by a bad finish) NOBUHIKO TAKADA VS SHIRO KOSHINAKA, 8/5/86 Akira Maeda & Osamu Kido vs Tatsumi Fujinami & Kengo Kimura, 8/5/86 (Good match with a scary moment in the middle where Kimura legit gets his bell rung by Maeda with a kick and is clearly out of it for a couple minutes. Fujinami's a pro, though, and tags in for all of 30 seconds to let Kimura clear his head. Thanks for nothing Dragon!) NOBUHIKO TAKADA VS SHIRO KOSHINAKA, 9/19/86 (Koshinaka wins the IWGP Jr Title with Chris Benoit watching from ringside. Not sure, but I believe this is the first time this particular match has ever been released in complete form.) NOBUHIKO TAKADA & AKIRA MAEDA VS KEIJI MUTOH & SHIRO KOSHINAKA, 3/20/87 ('87 Tag League Final - Great match) NOBUHIKO TAKADA & AKIRA MAEDA VS KEIJI MUTOH & SHIRO KOSHINAKA, 3/26/87 (Takada & Maeda win the IWGP tag titles in another great match) NOBUHIKO TAKADA VS HIRO HASE (Fabulous match in front of a rabid crowd)