TAPE 569

Quality: EX (1st Gen Convert)

Length: 1 hr (DVD)

MID-SOUTH HOUSE SHOW VOL 24A (Another of the awesome tapes from the Watts archives. These matches are all from World Class TV. Some great stuff here, including a very rare NWA title defense for Kerry Von Erich. I've got a 1st gen convert, VQ is EX.)
Various promos by Kerry Von Erich, Chris Adams, & Rip Oliver Fantastics vs Midnight Express, WCCW TV (Finish only - Midnights win American tag title) David Von Erich vs Kamala, WCCW TV, 11/24/83 KERRY VON ERICH VS TERRY GORDY, WCCW TV, 5/84 (Kerry defends his newly-won NWA title in this fantastic match. Great stuff.) Terry Gordy & Michael Hayes vs Killer Khan & Missing Link, WCCW TV (Bloody)