TAPE 574

Quality: EX (Master Convert)

Length: 65 min (DVD)

PANCRASE EYES OF BEAST - 9/1/95 (Pretty average show from early Pancrase. I've got a master convert so VQ is EX.)
Larry Papadopoulos vs Katsuomi Inagaki (clipped) Yoshiki Takahashi vs Osami Shibuya (they show a nasty x-ray of Takahashi's broken leg from his Bas Rutten fight over a year earlier) Yusuke Fuke vs Todd Medina Jason Delucia vs Ryushi Yanagisawa Frank Shamrock vs Takafumi Ito (Clipped - fights like these are fodder for people saying Pancrase is worked. The transitions are just too easy & fast with too little defense. It's probably a shoot but it sure looks fishy.) Maurice Smith vs Manabu Yamada (Kickboxing - Tabe, how do you work a fight without working it? By putting a world champ in with a tomato can, that's how...) Masa Funaki vs Guy Mezger (Clipped) Bas Rutten vs Minoru Suzuki (Rutten wins King of Pancrase title)