TAPE 577

Quality: Varies

Length: 96 min (DVD)

NWA WORLDWIDE - 3/2/85 (Another complete episode of this rare show. Quality on this is very nice, VG/EX, almost EX, but there are occasional tracking lines and the audio drops out in a couple spots. Still very easy to watch.)
Steve Casey vs Joel Deaton Silverstarr '85 Contract Signing w/Slaughter, Kernodle & Magnum (Magnum references the 1983 "Final Conflict" match that carried a stipulation that Slaughter & Kernodle could never again team with each other. They get around that stip by explaining that it applied only to 2 vs 2 "Australian Rules" matches not six-man tags. Well-done, guys!) Barbarian vs Gary Cordinelli (Italian Stallion - for some reason, Stallion goes by his real name here; never seen that before) Nikita Koloff & Khrusher Khruschev vs Mark Fleming & Mike Fever Manny Fernandez vs Chick Donovan Ric Flair vs Doug Vines Tully Blanchard vs Denny Brown (Wow, fast squash of the World Jr champ; Dusty Rhodes comes into the ring after the match and chases off Tully) Baby Doll Confronts Dusty Rhodes (Right after the above, Tully sends her to the ring, so she goes out and slaps Dusty and then he decks her with a slap.)
NWA WORLDWIDE - 3/9/85 (Another complete episode. Super-nice quality - EX - but with an occasional minor tracking flaw)
Khrusher Khruschev vs Mark Fleming Bob Geigel denying Wahoo McDaniel's request for an Indian Strap NWA World Title Match Wahoo & Tully attacking Ric Flair with Indian Strap, MACW, 3/2/85 Silverstarr '85 Update (Video dropout in this, which is from original broadcast) Dick Slater, Magnum TA & Buzz Tyler vs Joel Deaton, Doug Vines & Golden Terror Arn Anderson vs Sam Houston (Arn's debut on Worldwide) Baby Doll Confronts Dusty Rhodes, 3/2/85 (She gets slapped for her trouble) Superstar Graham vs Frank Lang (Jimmy Valiant runs in and gets triple-teamed) Great Kabuki vs Mike Fever Buddy Landel vs Keith Larsen Arn Anderson/Manny Fernandez Brawl, MACW, 3/2/85