TAPE 584

Quality: EX (*MASTER*)

Length: 80 min (DVD)

UWF "MAY HISTORY 2ND" - 5/21/89 (Another good show from Maeda's UWF, with solid action throughout. I've got a DVD master, so VQ is perfect.)
Kiyoshi Tamura vs Minoru Suzuki (Tamura makes his pro debut here and looks terrific!) Yoji Anjoh vs Yoshiaki Fujiwara Bob Backlund vs Masa Funaki (This is the infamous match that turns into a near-shoot. Things start out sour when Funaki kicks Backlund in the shins at the start of the match, ticking Backlund off. After that, Funaki gets pissed off at Backlund's overly-theatrical and ridiculous selling so he starts pounding on Backlund to try and make him sell legit pain. There's some obvious non-cooperation and discord going on, ending up with Funaki dropkicking Backlund from the 2nd rope and getting DQ'ed.) Nobuhiko Takada vs Johnny Barrett Akira Maeda vs Kazuo Yamazaki (In a rematch of the bout that ended when Yamazaki busted himself open hardway with a headbutt, Kazuo takes a scary-looking bump straight onto his head during Maeda's over-the-shoulder bodyslam move. Really, really bad looking.)