TAPE 595

Quality: Varies

Length: 2 hrs (DVD)

MISCELLANEOUS COMPILATION (Hard to put a theme to this one, as it's kinda just a random compilation of stuff I wanted from Cactusbix. VQ on this stuff varies, so I've listed it for each match.)
Bob Backlund vs Terry Funk, circa 1991/92 (Excellent match from NWA New Jersey - VG/EX) Vader vs Cactus Jack, WCW, 4/93 (This is the unedited single-camera version of their infamous studio match. Vader basically shoots on Jack, pounding him with legit punches to the face repeatedly. Nasty stuff. EX vq) Ric Flair vs Brett Sawyer, Portland, circa 1982 (2/3 falls - Flair defends the NWA title on TV in this one and submits to a figure-four! Match is clipped. VG/EX) SGT. SLAUGHTER VS IRON SHEIK, MSG, 6/16/84 (Boot camp match - picture has some lines in it but is otherwise EX) Hulk Hogan vs Big John Studd, MSG, 10/22/84 (Super hard-to-find rematch from MSG where the countout rule is waived. This one has some lines in it w/the occasional video problem, but is generally VG/EX) Chris Benoit & Rick Patterson vs Mike Hammer & Butch Moffat, Stampede, 1985 (JIP - Chris Benoit's debut match! He looked great even then! Quality is EX!) Nobuhiko Takada vs Hiro Saito, NJPW, 1983 (JIP - Super-rare match from Takada's Calgary tour. VQ is EX) Chris Benoit vs Black Mephisto, Stampede, 1985 (JIP - Mephisto is Toshiaki Kawada. That's right, Benoit vs Kawada! In EX vq!) Black Mephisto vs Robbie Stewart, Stampede, 1985 (More Kawada in Calgary, EX vq)