TAPE 600

Quality: VG/EX (See Below)

Length: 1.25 hrs (DVD)

NWA HANDHELD HOUSE SHOW - 4/27/86 (When ya think everything that's going to be found already has been, something like this comes out. Here we've got a handheld of an NWA house show from the spring of 1986. Good show with three big matches on top. All matches are clipped. VQ on this is pretty much VG/EX, but with some light snow/lines in the picture, nothing major at all.)
Ivan Koloff & Baron Von Raschke vs Manny Fernandez & Hector Guerrero (20-min draw) Wahoo McDaniel vs Jimmy Garvin Ric Flair vs Ronnie Garvin (Just your typical *** - ***1/2 super-stiff slapfest that these guys had all the time in 1986/87.) Dusty Rhodes vs Arn Anderson (Cage - the Russiand and others run in; hard to tell if the run-ins are before or after the match is over.) Magnum TA vs Nikita Koloff (cage)