TAPE 601

Quality: VG/EX (See Below)

Length: 1 hr (DVD)

AWA HANDHELD HOUSE SHOW - 2/86 (Another rare house show, this in VG/EX quality. It should be noted that the overhead light at the arena gives the video a blue-ish tint. You can still clearly see what's going on, but it's worth mentioning.) Col. Debeers vs Buck Zumhoffe (complete match - this one has lines in the picture) Scott Hall, Curt Hennig, & Brad Rheingans vs Boris Zhukov, Mongolian Stomper & Nord the Barbarian (clipped - Zhukov & Barbarian attack Stomper after the match) Nick Bockwinkel vs Larry Zbyszko (No DQ - supposed to have Scott Ledoux as ref, but Larry gets him tossed in favor of an old ref. Late in the match that ref, who weighs maybe 120lbs takes a helluva bump to the outside, real nasty. Complete match.) Stan Hansen vs Sgt. Slaughter (Hansen defends the AWA title in this matchup between two of the all-time best guys in the 280-300lb range. ***) Road Warriors vs Long Riders (Gee, the match is in Chicago, and this isn't Crockett Promotions booking Starrcade '87 - who do YOU think wins? Complete match.)