TAPE 605

Quality: VG

Length: 2 hrs (DVD)

MSG - 1/21/80 (Here we've got a mostly complete MSG show from 1980 featuring a super-rare MSG appearance by Kevin Von Erich. 7 matches shown, 3 unimportant matches missing. Quality on this is super-nice - VG, maybe even VG/EX.)
Kevin Von Erich vs Johnny Rodz (weird to see Von Erich wearing boots) Iron Sheik vs Larry Zbyszko Hulk Hogan vs Dominic Denucci Samoans vs Tito Santana & Ivan Putski (Decent match that sees the champs Santana/Putski do a countout job after Santana gets crotched on the top rope.) Bob Backlund vs Ken Patera (Terrific match - ***1/2. Bad finish that sees the match stopped because the ref gets unintentionally KO'ed.) Pat Patterson vs Lou Albano Tony Atlas vs Swede Hanson News story on the MSG show (includes clips of the big matches from the show)
WWF TV - 1/26/80 (Here we've got a partial episode of WWF TV from 1/26/80. The Larry/Bruno stuff is must-have, historic. Quality is VG, almost VG/EX.)
Promos for MSG 2/18/80 show (Interviews with Pat Patterson, Bob Backlund, and Ken Patera. Because of the "controversial" finish in the title match from 1/21, we get Pat Patterson as the special guest ref. Good stuff, as Backlund questions Patterson's ability to be fair, acknowledging his history with Pat and their matches and Patterson's heel past. Patera also implies Pat will be a heel by saying he's sure Patterson "will call it down the middle".) Larry Zbyszko vs David Buford (After the match, Zbyzsko challenges Bruno Sammartino to a match for the second time. Only this time, Bruno actually accepts and they lay out the framework for that historic match that would see Larry turn on Bruno. This is super-rare stuff, great to have.) Tito Santana & Ivan Putski vs Baron Scicluna & Johnny Rodz (no finish, tape runs out)