TAPE 615

Quality: EX (Master Convert)

Length: 3 hrs (2 DVD)

MSG - 10/17/83 (As many of my friends can tell you, this is perhaps my favorite WWF house show of all-time, with lots of good action throughout. I've finally laid my hands on a master convert so VQ is EX. Two things should be noted: First, there are lines in the picture that disappear before the first match; Second, my copy is split over 2 DVDs so there will be a slight jump in the recording if I combine the two parts onto one tape. That "jump" comes during an interview, however, NOT a match. No action is negatively impacted in any way on this recording.)
Tony Garea vs Rene Goulet Tiger Chung Lee vs S.D. Jones Sgt. Slaughter vs Ivan Putski Tito Santana vs Iron Mike Sharpe (***3/4) Bob Backlund vs Masked Superstar (Superstar lays Backlund out on the floor) Mike Graham vs Bob Bradley Don Muraco vs Jimmy Snuka (Cage - Snuka hits Superfly leap from top of cage) Rocky Johnson vs Samoan #2 Invaders vs Israel Matia & Butcher Vachon Andre the Giant vs Samoan #1