TAPE 616

Quality: EX (Master Convert)

Length: 2 hrs (DVD)

WRESTLE WAR '92 (Here we've got the ultra-rare commercial tape version of Wrestle War '92. After years of searching, I finally acquired a master of this highly-sought event. Other than the Simmons/Hughes/JYD garbage, this is a terrific show, with the last two matches being excellent. As I said, I've got a master convert so VQ is perfect.)
Michael Hayes & Jimmy Garvin vs Greg Valentine & Terry Taylor (Hayes & Garvin win the US tag titles. This is surprisingly good, given the choads that Valentine & Taylor are forced to carry. Watch for the punch that Hayes drills Taylor with in the corner late in the match. I rewound the tape three or four times to watch it - it's that awesome!) Cactus Jack & Mr. Hughes vs Junkyard Dog & Ron Simmons (They show us Cactus & Abdullah attacking Simmons, so naturally we get Cactus & Hughes teaming?!? WTF? Cactus attacks JYD before the bell making him unable to wrestle - thank God. So instead we get...) Mr. Hughes vs Ron Simmons (Ugh) Tom Zenk vs Brian Pillman (Good match) Rick & Scott Steiner vs Tatsumi Fujinami & Takashi Iizuka (For years I've heard rumors that this is a shoot and that Iizuka got torn up by the Steiners. True, he gets a bloody nose and swollen eye, but the move that messed him up wasn't intentional. No way this is a shoot. Terrific match though - ***1/2) RICK RUDE, STEVE AUSTIN, LARRY ZBYSZKO, ARN ANDERSON & BOBBY EATON VS STING, NIKITA KOLOFF, BARRY WINDHAM, RICKY STEAMBOAT & DUSTIN RHODES (War Games - one of the best War Games matches ever. Very bloody, with tons of great action. Cool moment late in the match with Jesse Ventura on commentary. The story is that Sting is unsure of Nikita's allegiances since he'd been a heel not too long before. In the ring, they kind of "make up" and Jesse calls them on it, basically saying that what's happening is stupid since they're teammates and should've been settled before. Can't say I disagree!)