TAPE 625

Quality: Varies (See Below)

Length: 96 min (DVD)

NWA WORLDWIDE - 6/8/85 (1985 starts heating up as we continue on with another episode from this season of Worldwide. Quality on this episode is generally VG/EX but there are occasional lines in the picture, some flashes, etc. It's still watchable for sure, but this is definitely lesser quality than most in this set.)
Ron Bass vs Ricky Reeves Sandy Scott & Jim Crockett announce the Great American Bash, MACW, 6/8/85 (Typical JCP stuff here as they're obviously unprepared. Sandy Scott announces the big show, names the stadium it'll be held in but DOESN'T NAME THE CITY or give the name of the show! Bob Caudle is forced to bail them out by directly asking Crockett the name of the show but they never do give the location of the event. It's no wonder that JCP folded with clowns like this running the show. So unprofessional in so many ways.) Nikita Koloff & Khrusher Khruschev vs Sam Houston & Gene Ligon Magnum TA & Manny Fernandez vs Joel Deaton & Ron Rossi JJ Dillon accepting Ric Flair's $25,000 challenge to Buddy Landel (JJ's got a suitcase full of cash - $25,200 he says. The extra $200 is for David Crockett as payment for counting the cash as Flair requested since JJ's "integrity is NOT unquestioned!") Barbarian vs David Diamond Nikita Koloff workout video (David Crockett is there to tell us how awesome that Nikita is. Ric Flair, however, was invited and didn't show.) Ivan Koloff vs Stoney Burke Abdullah the Butcher vs Pat Tanaka (No finish - Abdullah kicks the crap out of Tanaka for a couple minutes, then Dusty runs in and the show goes off the air right away)
NWA WORLDWIDE - 6/15/85 (Awesome episode of Worldwide, this one is. All kinds of good stuff going on and the VQ is EX! Looks like it might even be a master convert.)
Nikita Koloff confronting Ric Flair after a title defense, 6/2/85 Sam Houston vs George South Dusty Rhodes & Magnum TA vs Tully Blanchard & Abdullah the Butcher, 6/8/85 (Two different clips here - first one is before the match and has Baby Doll confronting Dusty Rhodes. Dusty then RIPS HER TOP. Second clip is late in the match - Baby Doll comes back in disguise and helps Tully throw a fireball at Dusty!) Jimmy Valiant giving Big Momma to Dusty Rhodes (Dusty needs a female to combat Baby Doll, so Valiant helpfully gives him a crackhead with 40FFF boobs. Nice.) Khrusher Khruschev vs Denny Brown NIKITA KOLOFF CLOTHESLINING DAVID CROCKETT (Famous angle that sees Crockett interviewing Ivan & Nikita Koloff and being confrontational about it. Nikita finally has enough and rips Crockett's head off with a Russian Sickle. Awesome! First time I've ever seen the full, unedited angle as originally broadcast. Weird thing about this is that Tony Schiavone is oddly unphased by the whole thing and doesn't sound like he's all that concerned about Crockett's health. Way to sell the angle, Tony!) Barbarian vs Mike Link Manny Fernandez & Buzz Tyler vs Ronn Bass & Buddy Landel (Super-fast match - like 3 minutes - that sees Bass & Landel shoving afterward) Arn Anderson vs Stoney Burke Kendo Nagasaki vs Ricky Reeves Interview w/Wahoo McDaniel (He's here to offer help to Dusty Rhodes because Dusty called him and had TWO words for him "I need help". Nice math, Wahoo! This is Wahoo's face turn.) Nikita Koloff vs Mark Fleming (Ric Flair is pissed at the Crockett attack so he runs out; Nikita throws Fleming over the top for a DQ and then he & Flair brawl.)