TAPE 626

Quality: VG/EX

Length: 96 min (DVD)

NWA WORLDWIDE - 8/3/85 (More from the awesome 1985 season of Worldwide. Things are really heating up at this point with angles all over the place. Quality on this one is VG/EX.)
Tully Blanchard & Abdullah the Butcher vs Stony Burke & Ricky Reeves Ole & Arn Anderson attacking Magnum TA in a dressing room, 7/85 (Another of the realistic angles that JCP would do - here Magnum is cutting a promo in the dressing room for a Philly TV station when he gets jumped by Ole & Arn and pounded. So there's a reason for it to be filmed. Even better? Magnum actually screws up his promo and starts it over. How smart is that? Well-done, guys.) Ole & Arn Anderson attacking Dusty Rhodes, 7/85 (Same night as above; supposed to be a tag match vs Dusty & Magnum but Magnum can't come to the ring so they jump Dusty and he gets pounded. Magnum tries to help but gets pounded some more as well.) Buddy Landel vs Pat Tanaka Midnight Express vs Gene Ligon & Jason Walker, WCW, 7/85 Magnum TA vs Gerald Finley Dusty Rhodes vs Joel Deaton Nikita Koloff vs Sam Houston Rock & Roll Express, Jimmy Valiant & Manny Fernandez vs Rising Sun, Barbarian & Superstar Graham (TV time runs out)
NWA WORLDWIDE - 8/10/85 (More of the same great Worldwide action as seen on the previous episode. Quality is VG/EX.)
Manny Fernandez & Jimmy Valiant vs Ron Rossi & Golden Terror Interview w/Tully Blanchard (he's now got Baby Doll back and he's very happy about it) Abdullah the Butcher & Barbarian vs Stony Burke & Ricky Reeves Rock & Roll Express vs Mark Fleming & Gerald Finley Nikita Koloff & Khrusher Khruschev vs Denny Brown & George South Interview w/Dusty Rhodes & Magnum TA (This is hilarious - Dusty's got receipts with him from a trip that Baby Doll supposedly took to Hawaii after she ran off on Floyd the horse. Dusty is flipping out because she was there a week and spent $4000. He acts like she stole every penny he had in the world and that it's just outrageous to spend $4000 in Hawaii over the course of a week. Really? I don't think so, myself. Besides, isn't Dusty "the highest-paid athlete in the world" or something? ) Buddy Landel vs Lee Ramsey Tully Blanchard, Ole & Arn Anderson vs Ron Bass, Sam Houston & American Starship Eagle (Good match with the insane levels of heat seen so often in front of Mid-Atlantic crowds in this era. After the match, the Andersons & Blanchard attack Houston and break his arm.)