TAPE 646

Quality: EX (*MASTER*)

Length: 2.1 hrs (DVD)

WRESTLING GOLD VOL 1 "BUSTED OPEN" (First in an incredible 5-disc set of "classic" footage from the 1980s. The matches are sometimes good, sometimes not, but the real prize here is the bonus commentary from Dave Meltzer & Jim Cornette. Though they step on each other a lot and don't really comment on the matches themselves, they are a wealth of information and make this set a total must-have. I've got a master, VQ is perfect throughout.)
Sherri Martel vs Judy Martin, SWCW, 1982 Shawn Michaels vs Ken Johnson, SWCW, 1982 Gino Hernandez & Tully Blanchard vs The Grapplers, SWCW, 3/21/83 (clipped - Gino & Tully win the Southwest tag titles, then Tully turns on Gino!) Gino Hernandez vs Tully Blanchard, SWCW, 1982/83 (From Houston - Ernie Shavers is the guest ref and KO's Blanchard.) Bob Orton vs Adrian Adonis, SWCW, 5/26/83 (Finals of Southwest's Undisputed World title tournament. Good match, lousy finish.) Bruiser Brody vs Abdullah the Butcher, SWCW (JIP) Larry Zbyszko vs Scott Casey, SWCW, 1983 (JIP - Interpromotional match here, Georgia vs Southwest. Lots of run-ins, including Stan Hansen!) Jerry Lawler vs Bob Sweetan, SWCW (Listen to Meltzer & Cornette contort themselves into praising Lawler's endless stalling here) Gino Hernandez & Tully Blanchard vs Terry Funk & Ivan Putski, SWCW (JIP - Ricky Morton counts the pinfall, then gets destroyed) Dick Slater vs Mongolian Stomper, SWCW (Cage - JIP - Bob Sweetan is the guest ref) Nick Bockwinkel vs Bruiser Brody, SWCW (JIP - The guest ref this time is Lou Thesz)