TAPE 647

Quality: EX (*MASTER*)

Length: 2 hrs (DVD)

WRESTLING GOLD VOL 2 "THE MAIM EVENT" (More in this awesome series featuring Meltzer & Cornette on commentary. I've got a master, so VQ is perfect.)
Rock & Roll Express vs Randy Savage & Lanny Poffo, Memphis, 1984 (Clipped - This is the infamous "piledriver on a table" match. Fun match, with a legendary highspot.) Nick Bockwinkel vs Manny Fernandez, SWCW, 1983 (JIP - Nice 10-min draw) The Sheik vs Mark Lewin, Detroit, 1970s (Loser Leaves Town - the Sheik wins the US title after he hits Lewin - and his own manager! - with fire. Not sure if this really is a title change or not, the title history I saw for this title doesn't list Sheik winning the title from Lewin at any point.) David & Kerry Von Erich vs Karl Krupp & Gene Yates, WCCW, 1980s(?) (Clipped) Fabulous Ones vs PYT Express, Memphis, 1984 (JIP) Road Warriors vs Jerry Lawler & Austin Idol, Memphis, 6/25/84 (Clipped) Jerry Lawler vs Randy Savage, Memphis, 1984 (Cage - clipped) Samoans vs Ted Dibiase & Bob Roop, Mid-South, 1981 Bruno Sammartino & Dick the Bruiser vs Ernie Ladd & Baron Von Raschke, WWA, 1970s (Short match that disproves that Baron was a good worker when younger - he wasn't. Weird finish that sees the ref assist the babyfaces by pulling Baron's leg off the ropes, then count the pinfall. WTF?) Tully Blanchard vs Manny Fernandez, SWCW Jerry Lawler vs Rick Rude, Memphis, 6/11/84 (JIP - another of the "title changes" on this set. Rude wins, then Lawler KO's Rude's valet with a huge punch and the crowd GOES NUTS. Great moment!) Dick the Bruiser, The Crusher & Little Bruiser vs Blackjack Mulligan, Blackjack Lanza & Bobby Heenan, WWA, 1972 (Heenan hits a gusher)