TAPE 648

Quality: EX (*MASTER*)

Length: 2 hrs (DVD)

WRESTLING GOLD VOL 3 "WE LIKE TO HURT PEOPLE" (More in this awesome series featuring Meltzer & Cornette on commentary. I've got a master, so VQ is perfect.)
Tommy Rich & Eddie Gilbert vs Phil Hickerson & The Spoiler, Memphis, 1984 (JIP - Street Fight - During this match, Cornette says that he preferred Hickerson & Condrey in the ring to Eaton & Condrey as an incarnation of the Midnight Express!) Rock & Roll Express vs Randy Savage & Lanny Poffo, Memphis, 1984 (Clipped - rematch of the famous match on vol 2) Dick Slater vs Dory Funk, SWCW (clipped) The Sheik vs Tiger Jeet Singh, Toronto (Cage) Eric Embry & Ken Timbs vs Al Perez & Manny Fernandez, SWCW, 1984 (Perez & Fernandez win the SWCW tag titles, then the Sheepherders run in and attack them) Harley Race vs Terry Funk, Toronto, 2/6/77 (Clipped - Race wins the NWA World title) Pepper Gomez vs The Bounty Hunter, WWA, 1977 (Clipped) Austin Idol vs Jim Neidhart, Memphis, 1984 (Clipped) Junkyard Dog vs Butch Reed, Memphis, 1984 (Clipped) Rick Rude, Jim Neidhart, Ox Baker & The Japanese Assassin vs Robert Reed, Tiger Mask, Keith Eric & Mad Dog, Memphis, 1983/84 (Tiger Mask is Ken Wayne. During the match, Rick Rude wears a dress!) Jerry Lawler vs King Kong Bundy, Memphis, 5/28/84 (Bundy pins Lawler for a *5* count!) Terry Funk vs Mark Lewin, Detroit, 1977/78 Tommy Rich vs Masao Ito, Memphis, 7/9/84 (JIP - Rich wins the International title) Jerry Lawler vs Kamala, Memphis, 1984 (Clipped) Dick the Bruiser, the Crusher & Sailor Art Thomas vs Ray Stevens, Blackjack Mulligan & Baron Von Raschke, WWA, 1970s (Clipped - first fall only)