TAPE 652

Quality: EX (*MASTER*)

Length: 2 hrs (DVD)

U-STYLE - 4/28/04 (Another solid show from U-Style. They still need to work on making the matches a bit longer and trying to draw the crowd in, but the action itself is pretty solid. I've got a master on DVD, so VQ is perfect.)
Naoki Kimura vs Hiroyuki Ito Koichiro Kimura vs Junji Tanaka Max Miyazawa vs Ryuki Ueyama Manabu Hara vs Crafter M Shoichi Ichimiya vs Yasuhito Namekawa (Total squash - Ichimiya didn't even belong in the ring with Namekawa.) Kiyoshi Tamura vs Kazuki Okubo (Good match that goes 17 minutes, but could have been a lot better. Tamura just doesn't sell enough for Okuba and never does anything to make Okubo look like a credible challenger. Thus the crowd doesn't think he has a chance and there's not much heat.) Masahito Kakihara vs Kyosuke Sasaki (Kakihara makes his return to shoot-style with this good match. Fun to see him back in his "best" style.)