TAPE 654

Quality: EX (*MASTER*)

Length: 2.6 hrs (DVD)

PRIDE BUSHIDO 5 - 10/14/04 (Solid, if unspectacular, effort from the Pride "B" guys. I've got a DVD master, so VQ is EX.)
Yasuhito Namekawa vs Maurico Shogun Rua Sentoryu vs Mal Foki Masakazu Imanari vs Luis Buscape Ikuhisa Minowa vs Ryuki Ueyama Igor Vovchanchyn vs Syamoji Fujii (Igor returns!) Carlos Newton vs Ryo Chonan (the downward spiral of Newton continues as he puts in a lackluster effort and appears to be not as fit as normal. He locks in an armbar on Chonan - an absolute finisher back in Newton's glory days - and Chonan does not tap! Chonan then comes back and scores the upset victory.) Hayato Sakurai vs Crosley Gracie Takanori Gomi vs Charles Bennet (good fight) DON FRYE VS YOSHIHIRO TAKAYAMA, Pride 19 (Flashback fight - incredible, brutal fight that is a must-see for all MMA fans and all prospective MMA fans. This may very well have caused some injuries to Takayama that would show up in later years...)