TAPE 664

Quality: VG/EX

Length: 1 hr (DVD)

NWA WORLDWIDE - 8/4/84 (Another rare, complete episode of NWA TV from 1984. Quality is VG/EX on this one as well.)
Rufus R Jones vs Kurt Von Hess (Sorry, but Rufus is atrocious.) Mark Youngblood vs Doug Vines Announcement of Barry Windham signing w/JCP (Crockett says they've signed Barry to the "most lucrative contract ever for an athlete", yeah right.) Barry Windham vs Harley Race, CWF, 1983 (last 2 minutes of a non-title match that sees Barry get a clean pinfall win) Assassin #1 vs Sam Houston Jimmy Valiant vs Jeff Swords Nikita Koloff vs Gary Royal Ric Flair visiting Blackjack Mulligan on his ranch (This is so unintentionally funny. Ric travels out to Blackjack's ranch at night where Mulligan is having a campfire with, among others, Dusty Rhodes. They're all in cowboy stuff, Ric's in a suit, but he sheds the coat & shirt to fit in. Then he asks for Mulligan's assistance in his feud with Wahoo & Tully. After that's over, they have some guys start singing some stupid cowboy song while Dusty fires a shotgun into the air. This is big-time Wrestlecrap material.) Tully Blanchard & Wahoo McDaniel vs Pez Whatley & Brian Adidas (How far had Pez fallen after being a main eventer in Georgia? Here, he does the tag team job after being tripped and hit with Wahoo's chop drop - a move that Sam Houston kicked out of the week before. Ouch!)