TAPE 666

Quality: EX (Master Convert)

Length: 2 hrs (DVD)

RINGS FIGHTING EXTENSION VOL 5 - 7/22/97 (Excellent show from the golden era of RINGS. All the top stars are here, except for Volk Han, and the result is a show of solid to excellent matches. I've got a convert of a VHS master, so VQ is EX.)
Tsuyoshi Kohsaka vs Grom Zaza (Good match, *** or ***1/2) Christopher Haseman vs Minoru Tanaka Wataru Sakata vs Masayuki Naruse Masayuki Naruse teaching submissions (Very cool. Naruse demonstrates the holds, then you see a clip of them in a match. He points out all the intricacies of each hold, making sure you see how to make them effective, etc.) Mitsuya Nagai vs Yoshihisa Yamamoto Akira Maeda vs Hans Nyman (Maeda looks like a pathetic old man here, but still manages to get Nyman to do the job.) KIYOSHI TAMURA VS BITSADZE TARIEL (Excellent match that sees both guys burn through every one of their points, leaving us with a "sudden death" type situation. Definitely one of the best matches from Tariel and just another in the long line of excellent matches from Tamura in RINGS.)