TAPE 676

Quality: EX (*MASTER*)

Length: 1.5 hrs (DVD)

MID-SOUTH TV VOLUME 4 - 1/21/82 (2 more complete episodes. DVD master, EX quality - Great stuff!)
B Brian Blair vs Tom Renesto Iron Sheik vs Carlos Zapata (JIP; replay from previous weeks) Junkyard Dog vs Iron Sheik (JIP, from prior weeks) General Akbar announces that the Iron Sheik has been recalled to Iran Samoans vs Jesse Barr & Tommy Wright (replay) Mike George vs Carlos Zapata Bob Orton vs Mr. Olympia (Olympia wins the Mississippi state title; guess we should have figured Orton would be losing the title soon when he was jobbing clean in a match in less than 1 minute just a week earlier...) Ted Dibiase & Dick Murdoch vs Paul Orndorff & Bob Roop (Proving that WCW didn't invent goofiness in 1994, we have Bob Orton run in here and he ends up getting pinned, causing Orndorff & Roop to lose. WTF?) Ed Wiskowski vs Terry Daniels Billy Ash vs Frank Monte (TV Time runs out)
MID-SOUTH TV VOLUME 4 - 1/28/82 (2 more complete episodes. 1st gen convert, EX quality - Great stuff!)
Dick Murdoch vs Tom Renesto Interview w/Skandor Akbar re: the Iron Sheik Samoans vs Terry Daniels & Frank Monte B Brian Blair vs Carlos Zapata Junkyard Dog & Mike George vs Paul Orndorff & Bob Orton Mr. Olympia vs Ed Wiskowski (Check out the nasty bruises on Olympia's leg here) Ted Dibiase vs Paul Orndorff, 1/9/82 (Ending - this is the "Dream Match" that was skipped over a couple weeks earlier. Title can change on a DQ. Orndorff wins the title, then loses it when he smacks Dibiase w/the title belt.) Ted Dibiase vs Bob Roop (No match - tons of run-ins after Orndorff pretends to be the ref for this match) Rick Ferrara vs Billy Ash (TV time runs out)