TAPE 679

Quality: Varies

Length: 2 hrs (DVD)

AWA CUSTOM COMPILATION (This is an awesome compilation put together for me by good friend KHawk. Lots of historic AWA footage here, making this a must-have for the 1980's fan. VQ Varies and is given for each match. Some matches have low sound, but nothing bad, all can be clearly heard if turned up a bit.)
Scott Hall & Curt Hennig vs Buddy Rose & Doug Somers, 5/17/86 (JIP - VG/EX - Rose & Somers win the AWA Tag Titles. This is infamous match where the titles change hands on a countout without the fans ever being told of the "new" rules.) Stan Hansen vs Crusher Blackwell, 6/28/86 (JIP - EX) Curt Hennig & Greg Gagne vs Boris Zhukov, Ali Khan & Adnan El Kaisey (JIP - VG with a blue tint - After the match, Hennig accidentally decks Greg Gagne, setting in motion what will become a heel turn and feud) Curt Hennig & Greg Gagne vs Boris Zhukov & Soldat Ustinov (JIP - VG - This time, Gagne accidentally dropkicks Hennig. Hennig then turns on Gagne, KO'ing him.) Midnight Rockers vs Buddy Rose & Doug Somers, 1/27/87 (EX - the Rockers FINALLY win the AWA Tag Titles) Midnight Rockers vs Bob Orton & Adrian Adonis (JIP - EX) Midnight Rockers vs Nasty Boys (EX) Curt Hennig vs Greg Gagne (JIP - VG/EX - Good match that eventually sees Larry Hennig stop the referee's count, leading to Verne Gagne KO'ing Curt and Greg scoring the pinfall to apparently win the AWA World title.) Curt Hennig vs Jerry Lawler, 5/9/88 (Ending only - EX - Lawler wins AWA World title) Wahoo McDaniel vs Manny Fernandez,8/20/88 (EX - Stiff match that sees Fernandez do one of the wilder, more obvious, bladejobs you'll ever see) Jimmy Snuka vs Larry Zbyszko (Ending only - EX but snowy - Colonel DeBeers attacks Snuka, pushing him off the top rope. Look for the fan who tries to attack DeBeers!) Ronnie Garvin vs Greg Gagne, 1988 (Slightly JIP - VG/EX but very snowy at times - Garvin wins the AWA International TV title) Jerry Lawler vs Kerry Von Erich, Memphis, 1988 (EX but snowy - This is actually highlights of a title vs title match in the form of a music video. GREAT video of what looks like an awesome match.) Badd Company vs Rock & Roll RPM's (EX - this is a title defense for Badd Company) Jerry Lawler vs Soldat Ustinov, 6/12/88 (EX - A rare AWA title defense on ESPN for Lawler)