TAPE 693

Quality: EX (*MASTER*)

Length: 1.9 hrs (DVD)

PHILADELPHIA SPECTRUM - 2/16/85 (Thoroughly mediocre show that really is not an essential part of any collection other than house show completists like myself. This is the 24/7 version. I've got a master, so VQ is EX.)
Tony Garea vs Moondog Rex AJ Petruzzi vs Jim Powers Dave Barbie vs Carl Fury (Barbie is introduced as the "The Barbarian". WTF?) Charlie Fulton vs Swede Hanson (4 prelim jobber matches in a row? Ugh.) Nikolai Volkoff vs George Wells Barry Windham vs Dick Murdoch (Fun match! Dunno if it's as good as their UWF match in 1987 - I doubt it - but fun anyway. Dick Murdoch takes a crutch from Cal Rudman and gives Barry a whack with it. Then they blow their creativity by re-using the finish from the Rex/Garea match. Ugh.) Bruno & David Sammartino vs Paul Orndorff & Bobby Heenan Mike Rotundo vs Mr. X (dunno who this is) Tony Atlas vs Moondog Spot Hillbilly Jim vs Rene Goulet (yet another star vs non-star match - and this is right next to the main event!) Hulk Hogan vs Brutus Beefcake