TAPE 701

Quality: EX (*MASTER*)

Length: 2.25 hrs (2 DVD)

PHILADELPHIA SPECTRUM - 5/5/84 (Super-loaded show from early in the reign of Hulk Hogan. You get a Hogan/Sheik rematch plus a match from the excellent Santana/Valentine feud. Great stuff. I've got a master, so VQ is EX.)
Rene Goulet vs Akira Maeda (Rare appearance on US turf for Akira) B Brian Blair vs Ron Shaw Sal Bellomo vs Samoan #1 Sgt. Slaughter vs David Schultz (Good brawl that sees the Sarge score a clean pinfall in this match that arose from a tag team breakup in February in Philly.) Tiger Chung Lee vs Jose Luis Rivera Buzz Sawyer vs Tonga Kid (They intro Buzz as "Bulldog", but Lord Alfred says "he's a mad dog" several times anyway!) Hulk Hogan vs Iron Sheik (Rematch from MSG - good stuff, very bloody) Greg Valentine vs Tito Santana (Of course it's good!) Rene Goulet vs Terry Daniels (Yeah, you read that right - Rene Goulet worked twice!) Wendy Richter & Peggy Lee vs Susan Starr & Donna Christanello (Barely 2 months later, Richter would be the most popular woman on the planet. Here? She's a heel. After the match, Wendy takes a swing at the ref, who proceeds to kick her in the butt!) Rocky Johnson vs Samoan #3