TAPE 717

Quality: EX (*MASTER*)

Length: 2.9 hrs (DVD)

PRIDE 30 - 10/24/05 (Good show, with an excellent main event, and plenty of controversy. I've got a master of the US PPV version, so VQ is EX.)
Sentoryu vs Zuluzinho (The controversy starts right off the bat with what might be a premature stoppage.) Murilo Rua vs Murad Chunkaiev James Thompson vs Alexandru Lungo Quinton Jackson vs Hirotaka Yokoi Sergei Kharitonov vs Fabricio Werdum Makota Takimoto vs Yoon Dong Sik Kazushi Sakuraba vs Ken Shamrock (Good fight with a highly controversial ending. Sakuraba nails Shamrock with a few shots and Shamrock turns his back, walks away and goes to his knees. He makes no effort to defend himself and Sakuraba begins to pound on him. The ref jumps in and stops the fight and IMMEDIATELY Shamrock cries foul saying the fight shouldn't have been stopped. BS. Shamrock wasn't defending himself. After the fight, Ken gives a borderline delusional interview where he claims he was "just getting to his feet" when the fight was stopped and all kinds of other crazy stuff. Face it, Ken - you got punked by a better fighter.) Mirko Filipovic vs Josh Barnett (After lots of pre-fight trash talk, we get an excellent fight, as it should be.)