TAPE 718

Quality: EX (*MASTER*)

Length: 3.75 hrs (2 DVD)

PRIDE BUSHIDO 9 - 9/25/05 (The biggest Bushido show ever! This one features not one, but two, tournaments and is packed with action. Great stuff. I've got a master of the US PPV so VQ is EX.)
Ryuta Sakurai vs Paolo Filho Daniel Acacio vs Akihiro Gono Dan Henderson vs Ryo Chonan Ikuhisa Minoawa vs Phil Baroni (This is GREAT! Baroni gives a ridiculous, profanity-filled promo before the fight, just completely trashing Minowa. Then he goes out and gets completely and utterly dominated. If you're going to talk trash Phil, you can't go out and lay turds in the ring! HAHAHAHAHAHA.) Murilo Bustamante vs Masanori Suda (Suda hits an awesome backfist in this one) Charles Bennett vs Dokonjonosuke Mishima Jens Pulver vs Hayato Sakurai Yves Edwards vs Joachim Hansen (Hansen lands a huge German suplex) TAKANORI GOMI VS TATSUYA KAWAJIRI (Great fight!) Naroyuki Kotani vs Luis Azeredo Dan Henderson vs Akihiro Gono Murilo Bustamante vs Ikuhisa Minowa Hayato Sakurai vs Joachim Hansen TAKANORI GOMI VS LUIS AZEREDO (Gomi's second fantastic fight in the same night!)