TAPE 721

Quality: EX (*MASTER*)

Length: 45 min (DVD)

ALL-STAR WRESTLING - 12/7/83 (Here we have a historic episode from one of the WWF's syndicated programs. It's great to have this stuff in perfect quality. I've got a master.)
Invaders vs Rene Goulet & Billy Williams (As a kid, I always expected the Invaders to win the WWF tag title and was surprised when they didn't.) Sgt. Slaughter vs Ted Bailey Samoans vs Sal Bellomo & Nick DeCarlo Mr. Fuji vs Steve Lombardi Jose Luis Rivera vs Ken Jugan Victory Corner: Freddie Blassie & Iron Sheik Don Muraco vs Barry Hart (Hart is better known as Barry Horowitz) Bob Backlund tries the Persian Club Challenge (Backlund succeeds in doing the Iron Sheik's challenge, so Sheik attacks him. Backlund is "injured" in the attack, setting up his title loss at MSG on 12/26. It's pretty hilarious to see just how obviously uninjured Backlund was by the clubs yet see him sell it anyway. Unintentional comedy!) SD Jones vs Charlie Fulton