TAPE 724

Quality: EX (Master Convert)

Length: 2 hrs (DVD)

WAR "BATTLE SQUALL" - 4/19/96 (Little-seen comm tape from WAR featuring Rey vs Psicosis and a match that devolves into a shoot in Pogo vs Tenryu. I've got a master convert so VQ is EX.)
Battle Ranger vs Osamu Taitoko (JIP) Chris Jericho & Damian vs Ultimo Dragon & Yuji Yasuruoka (clipped) Big Titan vs Nobutaka Araya (Clipped) Koki Kitahara & Arashi vs Shinichi Nakano & Masayoshi Motegi (JIP) Genichiro Tenryu vs Mr. Pogo (weird, awkward match that sees Pogo walk out after taking a couple of legit punches to the face from Tenryu. He then comes back into the ring and works a couple more minutes, then walks out after getting punched again. They even show Pogo leaving in a taxi. The whole thing is very awkward, very tense and just plain weird. After the "match", Tenryu then brings Pogo's assistant into the ring and beats the crap out of him.) Rey Misterio vs Psicosis (Lousy match that showcases everything people hated about "flippy-floppy" cruiserweights - spotty action, obvious cooperation and blown spots) Masa Chono, Hiro Saito & Hiroyoshi Tenzan vs Jado, Gedo, & Hiromichi Fuyuki