TAPE 725

Quality: EX (*MASTER*)

Length: 2.9 hrs (2 DVD)

PRIDE 31 - 2/26/06 (Fun show that ends up being way better than it first appeared on paper, with all kinds of action. Great stuff. I've got a PPV master, so VQ is EX.)
Pedro Rizzo vs Roman Zentsov (One punch KO that sees Rizzo KTFO'ed. I literally blinked and missed it!) Quinton Jackson vs Yoon Dong Sik Fabricio Werdum vs Jon Olav Einemo (Why is that these "submission specialists" and "grappling greats" so often seem to do absolutely nothing when they get a guy on the ground? In this fight, neither guy even really TRIES to do many submissions.) Tsuyoshi Kohsaka vs Mario Sperry (BANG! That's the sound of Mario getting KO'ed.) Alistair Overeem vs Sergei Kharitonov Josh Barnett vs Kazuhiro Nakamura (Barnett finally gets a win in Pride) Antonio Nogueira vs Kiyoshi Tamura (Wow, what a mismatch) Mark Coleman vs Mauricio Rua (Coleman comes into the fight at about 225, waaaaay slimmer than he's ever been and he looks fantastic. Rua hurts his elbow while being taken down and then all hell breaks looses. Before you know it, Coleman & Phil Baroni are trading shots with the entire Chute Boxe team, with Vanderlei Silva on the ground!) MARK HUNT VS YOSUKE NISHIJIMA (When Ken Shamrock says his fight was stopped too soon, this is the fight he'll use as evidence. Nishijima gets rocked several times but they don't stop the fight and he just keeps coming, using his boxing skills to nail Hunt many times. Still, the fight should have been stopped before it was. Still, Ken, even when he got rocked, Nishijima didn't turn away from his opponent and cry like a little girl. Maybe THAT is why they didn't stop the fight.)