TAPE 726

Quality: EX (Master Convert)

Length: 2 hrs (DVD)

RINGS MEGA BATTLE 4TH - 5/16/92 (Another excellent show from the "early" RINGS era. I've got a master convert so quality is EX.)
Yoshihisa Yamamoto vs Masayuki Naruse Grom Zaza vs Volk Han (One month after defeating Maeda, Han is in the second match of a show. That's a little odd.) Peter Aerts vs Adam Watt (kickboxing) Mitsuya Nagai vs Dick Vrij (I previously thought this might be a legit shoot, but I don't think so anymore. Either way, Nagai takes a heck of beating.) Bitsadze Ameran vs Willy Williams Masaaki Satake vs Bert Kopps Jr Akira Maeda vs Hank Numan