TAPE 732

Quality: EX

Length: 96 min (DVD)

GEORGIA TV - 3/30/85 (The second-to-last episode of Georgia TV, presented here in all its nearly-complete glory. All that's missing is a Barbarian squash match, big deal. You get lots of JCP guys, including Tony Schiavone on commentary, showing up to prepare people for JCP on TBS the following week. Quality on this is EX, beautiful!)
Magnum TA Music Video "Born To Be Wild" (Lots of Mid-South clips) Magnum TA vs George South Ronnie Garvin vs Joel Deaton Tully Blanchard/Baby Doll Music Video "Looks That Kill" Manny Fernandez Video Jimmy Valiant vs Doug Vines Arn Anderson vs lee Ramsey (Ole Anderson does commentary on this match. He starts out saying he's been disappointed in Arn's tactics in recent months but changes his tone as the match progresses. Pretty soon he's complimenting Arn, starting the wheels of his heel turn in motion. Manny Fernandez comes out after the match and gets his butt kicked for his trouble.) Tully Blanchard vs Gene Ligon
GEORGIA TV - 4/6/85 (The very last episode of Georgia TV, this morning episode was used to set up several angles that would be used on the first episode of JCP, to air that night. This is a truly historic episode, the end of an era on TBS. Again one match is cut, again not much missed. Quality on this is EX, slightly better than the above episode.)
Manny Fernandez Video (same as the week before) Thunderbolt Patterson, Tommy Rich & Jimmy Valiant vs Joel Deaton, Mark Hill & Gene Ligon Ric Flair vs Chick Donovan (Wanna know why Hulk Hogan was perceived so much better than Flair by marks back in 1985? Matches like this are why. Donovan is nowhere near Flair's status yet Flair goes out and lets him look like a million bucks with plenty of offense. That's great for Donovan, and it makes the match better, but Flair's the Champ. He should be beating scrubs like Donovan in 2 minutes.) Magnum TA vs Mike Barber Arn Anderson vs Gene Ligon (Ole again does commentary, only this time he's much more obvious in rooting for Arn and complimenting his tactics. Once the match is over, Thunderbolt Patterson - half of the National tag champs w/Ole, though they never mention that - comes out and confronts Ole, telling him he's changed, etc. Ole warns T-Bolt that he'd better be careful the next time Ole saw him - a threat that would be carried out on JCP TV that same night.) Tully Blanchard vs George South Buzz Sawyer vs Doug Vines