TAPE 739

Quality: Varies

Length: 2 hrs (DVD)

RINGS USA RISING STARS FINALS - 9/30/00 (Low-budget RINGS show from the US, featuring the finals of a couple of tournaments. Nothing screams world-class like ring ropes that are made of...rope - and are so loose as to be useless. Throw in a fat guy in a t-shirt and shorts whose butt crack hangs out and you've got a quality show! Still, the action is decent and there a few good fighters here. Quality is VG/EX, almost EX.)
Jeremy Horn vs Josh Hall Christopher Haseman vs Yasuhito Namekawa (Haseman is so roided-up here, he looks like a walking zit ready to bust) Eric Pele vs Bobby Hoffman (Pele would be the fat guy referenced above) Tom Sauer vs Aaron Brink Adrian Serrano vs Jermaine Andre Greg Wikan vs Travis Fulton Jack Nilsson vs Nate Schroeder Robbie Newman vs Matt Hughes Jeremy Horn vs Christopher Haseman (Finals) Bobby Hoffman vs Aaron Brink
RINGS BATTLE GENESIS VOL 6 - 9/5/00 (Incredibly short broadcast of a show - yet somehow only two matches are edited. Some fun action here and it's always nice to see Fedor in RINGS. Quality on this is VG/EX, almost EX, a touch better than the above show.)
Naoyuki Kotani vs Kiyohito Sugata Tashirou Nishiuchi vs Tomotsugu Fujiwara Fedor Emelianenko vs Hiroya Takada (don't blink!) Naoyuki Kotani vs Tashirou Nishiuchi (Finals) Takehiro Murahama vs Gabe Lemley Gustavo Ximu vs Wataru Sakata