TAPE 745

Quality: EX (1st Gen Convert)

Length: 2 hrs (DVD)

PANCRASE BREAKTHROUGH TOUR - 4/18/99 (Decent enough show from Pancrase. They seem to have two sets of rules they're following here - regular Pancrase rules with no gloves and then "Pankration" rules with gloves and headbutts. I've got a 1st gen convert so VQ is EX but there's some minor audio crackle throughout. Not a problem at all.)
Katsuomi Inagaki vs Daisuke Watanabe Leon Dijk vs Evan Tanner (JIP) Yoshiki Takahashi vs Omar Bouiche Daisuke Ishii vs Daiju Takase Osami Shibuya vs Chris Lytle (JIP - LISTEN for the headbutt in this one. Lytle gets DRILLED with one that makes a very loud THUD against his head. Nasty!) Kengo Watanabe vs Bob Stines (Clipped) Masa Funaki vs Ebenezer Fontes Braga (Good fight, probably ***1/2, with lots of action) Semmy Schilt vs Yuki Kondo (Kondo, who weighs rougly 190, *SLAMS* the 6'11", 260lb Schilt! Kondo wins the vacant King of Pancrase title)