TAPE 749

Quality: EX (Master Convert)

Length: 2.25 hrs (DVD)

JAPAN VALE TUDO OPEN '95 - 4/20/95 (Another MMA showcase for the talents of Rickson Gracie. This one is a little better than the '94 version. I've got a master convert so VQ is EX.)
Craig Pittman vs Wayne Evans (Yes, Craig Pittman of WCW "fame") Gerard Gordeau vs Yuki Nakai (Slightly clipped - one of the most-boring fights you'll ever see. Since this is Vale Tudo, there's no restarts and grabbing the rope is legal, and Gordeau uses that to full advantage. He simply hangs on to the ropes while Nakai, who is all of 5'6" and about 145 lbs, simply holds on to Gordeau. They do this for like 20 minutes until Nakai gets Gordeau on the ground, where he immediately taps.) Koichiro Kimura vs Todd Hays (Kimura, who is from Submission Arts Wrestling, previously showed off his lack of ground skills in RINGS. Here he shows them off further by getting tapped out. By a guillotine choke. By a KICKBOXER. HAHAHAHAHA.) Rickson Gracie vs Yoshihisa Yamamoto (This fight made Yamamoto's career for him as he lasts 20 minutes with Gracie and actually does halfway decent. He even gets a guillotine choke on Rickson, who is unable to break it and retaliates by throwing Yamamoto over the top rope. He then cheapshots Yamamoto with a kick in the back and several punches while the refs are trying to break things up and get Yamamoto back in the ring. Rickson wins with a rear-naked choke when Yamamoto passes out rather than tapping. The ref doesn't even stop the fight, Rickson does - he just lets go. Kinda scary, actually.) Craig Pittman vs Yuki Nakai (Pittman has Pez Whatley in his corner. Whatley is Mr. Helpful, yelling stuff like "You got him, you got him now" when Pittman doesn't even have a hold applied, or "Oh yeah, he reactin' now" after a simple punch, etc. Lots of unintentional hilarity, that's for sure. Pittman pounds on Nakai before getting tapped.) Wayne Evans vs Koichiro Kimura Rickson Gracie vs Koichiro Kimura Rickson Gracie vs Yuki Nakai (Finals) Enson Inoue vs Rene Rooze Tommy Walkingstick vs Kenji Kawaguchi