TAPE 763

Quality: VG/EX

Length: 100 min (DVD)

INTERNATIONAL SUPER CHALLENGE - 3/16/98 (This is the infamous vale tudo show from the Ukraine that is known for one reason and one reason only - it features the fight that led to the only known death in MMA, that of Douglas Dedge. Despite the myths about this show, it's not some low-budget show filmed in somebody's backyard. It's a full-on professional show with doctors, refs, the whole bit. The way it was setup is a bit questionable though - apparently the promoters were looking for mismatches for their Ukraine vs The World concept and actually e-mailed people on newsgroups, offering up free trips to the Ukraine if they'd agree to fight. That's.....questionable, if you ask me. This is true vale tudo - no ring ropes, just a huge mat and basically no rules. Quality on this VG/EX, almost EX.)
Zaza Mindjia vs Alexander Ilukevich Roman Gorbov vs Viktor Sorokin Yevgeni Zolotarev vs Douglas Dedge (This is it, perhaps the most-infamous fight in MMA history. The fight itself is pretty standard stuff, nothing that looks unusual at all. Eventually Zolotarev gets Dedge down and lands a couple - bare-knuckle - punches to the head and Dedge taps. Nothing out-of-the-ordinary whatsoever. Then, after the fight, Dedge collapses and the doctors come to his aid. They do a tight zoom on his face and you can clearly see that he's gone, though he apparently actually died as much as a month later. After they take him out on a stretcher, the video switches to this odd music that makes it seem like some art-house movie or something. Meanwhile, back in the arena, they're running a fashion show of all things, and they intercut scenes of that with scenes of Dedge getting medical treatment! Very weird and more than a little twisted. Apparently, Dedge had been passing out in training sessions and maybe even before this fight, but there was no medical check done on him beforehand. So they screwed up by not checking him but otherwise there's nothing wrong with the fight or the treatment, just a very unfortunate outcome.) Dmitry Topchiashvili vs Artur Vornovich Larry Parker vs Dmitri Eliseev (oops, the promoters screwed up and got themselves a guy in Parker who actually is decent - so he pounds on Eliseev.) Alexey Oleinik vs Clarence Thatch