TAPE 765

Quality: VG/EX

Length: 96 min (2 DVD)

S-CUP '96 - 7/14/96 (This is the full version of a little-seen shootboxing show put on by the WSBA, which I assume means World Shoot Boxing Association or something. Anyway, this is known for only one reason - it has an early Kazushi Sakuraba MMA match. For those that don't know, Shoot Boxing is essentially kickboxing with throws. Quality on this runs VG/EX, almost EX, really nice.)
Marcello Aguiar vs Kenichi Ogata (Clipped) Yarsin Loogklongtan vs Manson Gibson (Clipped) Charlie Jeremy vs Takehiro Murahama (Murahama comes out dressed as Tiger Mask) Norihisa Horiike vs Garry O'Neill (Kyokyushin Karate- clipped) Mikhail Ilioukhine vs Mestre Hulk (Clipped - vale tudo rules) Kazushi Sakuraba vs Kimo (Vale Tudo rules - slightly clipped; see below) Ryan Simson vs Roni Lewis (clipped) Taro Minato vs Mohammed Ouali (clipped) Hassane Kassrioui vs Dany Bille (clipped) Rainbow Sor Prantale vs Hiromu Yoshitaka Kazushi Sakuraba vs Kimo (Vale Tudo rules - this was added on after the comm. tape for the full show ends; this is the complete version of this fight from the Champ Forums broadcast of it but WITHOUT the snow associated with it on other copies. VQ is super-nice, VG/EX or better.)